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from 2 to 18 pounds, and their lengths may vary from 6 to 12 inches. The

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to the typhus ward March 24, 1883. This patient was

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vent carbonization ; it was then divided into small particles and

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conies on so insidiously at a period when the symptoms

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was diminished reaction to both galvanic and faradic currents in both

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largely increased of late, and this was in great meas-

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As this slowly or more rapidly increases it forms a

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as of the usual sizes. As respects limitation by a neo-membrane, the

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Scissors. — The "Hausa" scissors have an arrangement which

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puce. The intellect of the patient was impaired, and there

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In valvular disease (particularly aortic), owing probably to coronary arterio-

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But, according to Mr. Lytton, it would be like casting

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oedema of the integument, a condition of apparent security thus sud-

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Alexandria, the home of many excellent and vigorous insti-

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visible and slightly heaving to palpation in the anterior axillary line

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flow of urine, but the experiments which demonstrated this were

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Exploration of the thorax in various modes enjoined ; by auscultation, mediate

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tiiry, being regarded as indications of foppeiy and

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down than she had in sitting. At this visit Drs. Anderson and Butler

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of the fatal cases (RoUeston), and being more common in cirrhotic males

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in the relation perhaps of a reflex. It was seen in various

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other modes of treatment that are occasionally resorted to. Mine simply

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3. — Acidum Carholicum Lique factum. Liquified Carbolic Acid.