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This lady recovered, and. Dr. Young writes me, is now three months advanced

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with cough and hoarseness. I prescribe it with extract of malt —

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is then affected with a spitting of blood, a fervid and lacerating pain in the thorax,

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That the instrument of concave form, so far as regards loss of tissue

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red, grimious liquid contents (jnoist gangrene) ; again, it may be

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it came at once in contact with the stone ! From that mo-

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neuritis in Manchester during the latter half of 1900, shows clearly that

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as benzo-naphthol and salicylate of bismuth, are advised.

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one shall stroll down the avenue rigged out in the panta-

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a vertical incision is made about 2\ to 3 inches through the skin

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self-acting windows;" and, as " the closets must have the windows open,"

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Baby welfare is another phase of Avork which we believe to be very

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suppuration of the brain." The concurrence of hepatic abscess and

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a painful operation, often through the want of fome criterion of can-

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to separate urobilin from the urine was associated with more or

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every five minutes, followed each time by a lump of ice."

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Rule 10. Alkaloidal salts are incompatible with — (a) Alka-

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possible that some obstruction might have existed in

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nervous function, and especially to implicate the Lettee from Johx "Wixosob Esq

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rance of what has been done in the British Isles, principally

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in cardiac weakness, changes in the coagulability of the blood,

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especially in the way of neuralgias, other pains, and various degrees of

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be established in all workshops. Sleeping in workshops should be pro-

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though ultimately destructive to those who practise it, in the

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conclude that prevention is not considered by physi-

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