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be made, but having made it, the phenomena described
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When we wish to irritate a part, we use the negative; when we
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efficacy of other remedies, and digitalis, which had
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febrile affection derived from an antecedent case of the
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latero-lateral arterio-venous anastomosis is made at the two arterial
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The above chemical features point to the fact that the toxins of
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liar and sometimes more than one intoxicant. To some it may
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labour ensues spontaneously, and then meet the difficulties as they arise ;
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This remedy is simple ; always at hand, and requires very little
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Institution, which were particularly salutary to the insane, as well as
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Utilises the approval of companions as a strong influence in causing a child
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faulty in the extreme, for all history is but a record
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compared with the preceding months, the reports indicate that
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ered almost immediately after intravenous injection of glucose. It was
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progress of the labour was in all other respects natural.
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sarily feeding. There are many substances containing a very high propor-
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According to Haeser,* from the thirteenth century on; and as
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this view is quite different from that ordinarily seen.
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with which we have now to reckon in the prognosis of compensated
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when it has undergone the granular and fatty degeneration. In some in-
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— Jahrbucher der Oesammten Medidn, Aug. 28, 1867.
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Svstem Erkrankung des Riickenmarks (Arch. f. Psych.
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ranging from To to 85 jkt cent. Since that time and before the use
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furpose, and some, as we shall see, with more or less theoretical views,
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This observation concerns the presence of a tubercle-like
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fighting chance for life. Why continue to drug your diabetic clients. Far better
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into a vessel of boiling water, by which all the sulphate of soda which remains
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One collateral advantage of this system is that thus the