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to this question. Several patients complained of diplopia during the

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tenth, or twelfth, indicates that the lesion is extracerebellar.''

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Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospitals, &c. Birmingham :

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" 3. But as contraction of the uterus almost uniformly takes

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pense is estimated at less than a dollar for each corpse. The writer

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in the sutures which were left in the cervix. As re-


disease, SBE, collagen vascular disease, infectious mononucleosis

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of the mesenteric vessels, pressure during birth, heredity, intra-uterine interfer-

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extends, I shall labor to raise up, in competent numbers, those who

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asthma. And when it was introduced into this country, about

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by a governor, and, therefore, is not absolutely uniform. The prisoners

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view, M. Frgmy finds that his own resources are quite inade-

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right thigh was excised and fouixd to contain many trichinae.

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Sam'l K. Jennings. M.D., Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Legal Medicine.

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tion. It is essential to differentiate vibrations from

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17,514,978. Deaths from hydrophobia: in 1879, 69 deaths; 1880, 107; 1881, 139; 1882,

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physically injurious? etc., while for the perusal of both laymen and

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of the arteries is all that will be required, and as soon as they are

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thinks, as is usually taught, but contrary to the opinion of Dr. Todd, that

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Considering those extremely hard of hearing, he said that

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in degree, are similar in all, the chief difference being the marked impairment of

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tection of persons from malaria in tropical countries and in the

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exudative pericarditis is, however, a characteristic cardiac dulness which

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The general circulation of the atmosphere is shown in Fig. lo

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Seaman Bainbridge, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. N. R. F. United States

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and mustard poultices to the epigastrium, I would advise opium, in

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induration is common around chronic abscesses of that organ, and may

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agree with the assertion that any reporter, anchor, an-

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their use is based on a wrong idea of the nature of the infection. How-

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served in the Osteopathic Hospital of Philadelphia and in the special medical and surgical

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