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dental colour of the first, and usually holds a fixed relation to an
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tion of leeches in all surgical maladies attended with acute inflammation, while
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latter, speaking of their use, says : " Good results, in iso-
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collected the gas and analyzed it, finding it composed
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inducing it enters the portal circulation it must go
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would come up in the larynx and could be plainly seen, but could not
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undergo such extreme dilatation as to offer a mechanical impediment to
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Dr. Allard : It is unfortunate that Dr. H. C. Clapp, who
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pleasant in taste and in effect. portions of the lung unaffected, and able to
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in a retrograde direction up the vena cava and its tributaries, pro-
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to recall mankind from their errors, the world would work out its own
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there is usually a tuberculous history — either personal or family — with pro-
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ever, the serous character continues throughout. In
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Dr. J. E. Burton, after summarizing the views and facts regarding puerperal
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vinced that the number of ayphilltics is increasing and esti-
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water runneth : as pebbly is the cleanest and best tasted ; and next
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changes already noted in Peyer's patches and the solitary follicles, no
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present it must be removed before the question of the
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murmur. The arteries were visible, and my view of the case was that the
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acute outbreaks were preceded — or if not preceded were followed —
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10. Baccelli : Inaugural Address, Naples Tuberculosis Con-
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Dr. J. Wyman gave to the society an account of some observations made by
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Some Sociological Problems for the Medical Man. By Ernest G. Mark, A. B., M. D., 321
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through hypocrisy; there is a hypocritical sentiment widely prevalent
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organism and the proliferating forces of the fine catgut ligatures if there is sufficient room
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quadrangular flap is then formed, the soft tissues of
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condition has been most excellent through the first week of convales-