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42: and T/O&E 8-550, Gen Hosp, 3 Jul 44. (2) T/O
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lations on the valves were extensively blended with
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tegmentum have been affected. In almost all these cases there were
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a rabbit after subcutaneous inoculation of horse serum repeated
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The London and Dublin Colleges have both admitted prepara-
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to be met with ; for instance, in cases of syphilitic disease of the basilar
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ever, in bleeding young children in congestion from
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an overgrowth of neuroglia because in the absence of the higher tissues it is
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of Blatin's charge, to whom it is supposed to refer,
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had breast feeding exclusively for the first six months
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is often very slightly diminished the colour-index — that is to say, the
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too complex to be accounted for by the laws of a simple form
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the sick. He estimates thus, in the order of their value, the agents
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dence which supports the growing mistrust of the drainage lube in
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loses much of its value when found on the accused. The spermatozoon,
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which can be advanced against the absurd influence exerted by
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I performed by Syme's operation. On dissection of the wounded
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rigid tube about six inches in length, and which was held
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substance will be seen immediately under the wall, at the toe^
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examined by a simple lens, are seen to be vesicular, and sur-
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the recovery of my patient. In dealing with so complex
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agree with Dr. Acland in the observations with which he
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county societies. I found throughout the district a marked absence of the
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during the second year. These cases, when well marked, have been
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in exposure to cold and wet, it is economically unwise, since the food that would
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spinous process of the fourth- himljar vertebra, and pnrsue^l a diigdd
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of immigrants. August 14. 18!)3. Detailed as chairman. Board