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right leg was then secured to the leg of the table, so as to guard

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convinced that there were too many medical schools in the

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pancreas and liver, and renders the case more complicated by

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be taken in sufficient quantity aud sufficiently varied to sat-

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time the larvfe, or " wiggle tails," hatch in one or two days. Al-

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4. Water, used not only in the sense of ablution, or cleansing, but

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growth tendency which does not, for some reason, begin to express itself

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Another feature brought out by the pointing test is a remarkable

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as Professor Riddle would like, but there is no other example of

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3. 8., ix, 400-408.— Shcveleir (N. N.) Liechenie idiopati-

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work, nor any doubt whatever that hog cholera is due to a filterable

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but characterised in its full development by the presence of pale-coloured

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man, and his unusual faculties and apparent inclina-

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Pamphlets and directions for measure sent on application as

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Lacrimal Surgery, Dacryocystorhinostomy. Jones Tubes

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labour ensues spontaneously, and then meet the difficulties as they arise ;

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after the oil has been taken, a brisk cathartic, or even a

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tity of tow. The prepared and immersed hair, as above,

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program. For administration of the Hill-Burton hos-

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invert the instrument, and, holding it perpendicularly between the thumb

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Kruse and Pasquale were the first to regularly find amoebae in the

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progress. On the whole, however, affections of the bladder and rectum

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fiii'd, ulcLTiitf*!, cxt'orintccl purtinns of the bliulder-

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and devoted much of his time to chemistry, mineralogy, and geology. He is

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The letters of Sir George Grey and of Lord Shaftes-

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generally supposed, except in rare cases known as conical

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there is evidence of the formation of pus, the skull should be trephined to