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31, ult, the fifty-fourth annual commencement of the Medical Department

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This I have repeatedly observed. Persons who took the best care of

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adjusted shoes. Should these prove insufficient, the diseased

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cal studies had been made, and these showed the pneu-

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abdominal wound the inner side is scraped so that the peri-

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being united under the names of left and right intracardiac tension

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who had been unjustly assailed. He gave a brief re-

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several other mediaeval medical treatises, has printed in

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Wright, B. A., M. B. Oxon., F. R. C. S.Eng., Assistant Sur-

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when a sporadic attack, which was quickly extinguished, occurred

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closely resemble those of acute obstruction that Treves, in

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&c., and that he has only to consider whether the substance X could

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internal gout, the arthritis metaatatica retrograda of the old authors,

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which was previously so distressing. Some slight treatment

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according to the regions which mainly snffer. The special sympttHns,

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Also: Kev. clin. irocul., Bordeaux, 188:i, iii, :il7-223. Also:

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Fig. 4. — Fairy ring formed by .Uardsniiioi orcadcs; an edible mushroom.

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Some of the ordinary methods were employed from the start in addition

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of M.D. was conferred by President Low on 104 grad-

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body and mind, frequent bathing followed by friction of the

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monly such a palsy occurs during the heavy sleep produced

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Discredit Avas throAvn upon this operation some years ago

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fore. Professor Simpson will inquire of the editoi'

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that his position is a hard one to maintain, for this reason : It