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sideration or treatment. The board regrets the necessity

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the sudden descent of a dumb-waiter the hand and wrist had

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Yirchow ; thickened, however, and more granular. In some places

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matter of fancy, for in early youth Francis was apprenticed to the

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symptoms, the presence of bulbar symptoms, and the evolution of muscular

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passages. He was operated upon successfully by Dr. Will-

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Two years ago she was taken with apoplexy, and was insensible for three

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cellent horseman. Some ladies very expert in improving the

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subject or subjects he will be required to take the ensuing course of

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that they poured this same fluid into the gutters and sewers. Upon inquiry,

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bonic acid and water are' the sole products of its combustion. 3. It dissolves

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there was a good deal of eff'asion into the joint. The ice-bag

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may become chronic. The diathesis is thus rarely if ever extinguished.

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1893, ii, 97-101. — Will (O.B.) Impacted faeces; mistaken

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VILLE. Etudes cliniques et thermometriqucs sur les maladies du systeme nervcux, 2

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Clinically, we have all seen the so-called *' pseudo-crises," but I would

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contracted and the quadriceps is most atrophied. Again, this theory will not

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eral children treated with three-grain doses of Epsom salts,

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generally, enabling us to make any kind of medicinal appli-

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Entropion. Mania following an Operation for. . . .577

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taken from his lips ; his cane rattled upon the floor, and he roared

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functional exhaustion of the cerebro-spinal system, and renders

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appurtenances, especially to the lining of the left ventricle

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and the constancy with which the infection appeared to cling to the

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ment. — Breathing greatly relieved at once. May 9. — Breathing

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have never known of a case that did not go along and die in the reg-

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of the disease .''... How can we tell whether our treat-

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" There is one anomaly to be mentioned — the occurrence of a

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