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the improvement in the general and local condition of the patient.
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be a derivative of the colouring matter furnished by disintegrating blood-
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terna of the cervical region, there is no remedy so efficient as the iodide
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trical Journal for January, 1896.) The endometrium is not a mucous membrane
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2d, Hemorrhagic softening. — When blood is extravasated with force
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printer of Francis I., King of France. The last and most
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occasion to operate upon a man which illustrates a rather unusual
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Besides the specific and characteristic microorganism, various bacteria
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disputed whether one shall attempt at the beginning through
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on the food, or after feeding, in order that they be sufficiently
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as a foreign body and as a source of infection, giving rise to accidents which
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it is necessary that the catheters should be perfectly
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which will destroy the worms. Mr. Bartlett, superintendent of
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first, probably, and is to be given in small doses — two drops — three times
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mation had become decided; but when once auscultation had
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emaciation observed is not to be exclusively ascribed to the diarrhoea
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powder solution has been added, they undergo conspicuous darkening,
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less to the animal inoculated, and yet protects the animal against the
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Wood, Frank Oliver, sp, Waco, Tex. A.B. (Baylor U.) '27.
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trachea before was a papilloma, but this was apparently almost a continuation
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which lie below the head. It gives off nerves like streamlets.
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Caspari and M-oszkowsky (1913). Weiteres zm- Beriberifrage. Berlin, klin.
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interspace, directed almost immediately backward. The wound bled freely
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1 death. Army of the West. 2 deaths, Mil. Dept. of the Gulf.
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their existence be said in favor of such methods, that
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not have been pierced without the bullet engaging, in
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Munk, regarding the cortical area governing vision, that a summary of the