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the serum slowly injected. On removal of the needle, an antiseptic

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day by day more patent, as statistics show. According to Dr. Wood of

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Faraday, in England, and Godman, in America, found that the inhalation

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the history or presence of glycosuria, and occupation or habits suggesting

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the same — and chiefly, mental emotion and gastric irritation. The difference

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' ' After the fading of the exanthem, or even before tliis fades, the

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are also seen in the bone and on both periosteal surfaces. X 30.

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of iron possesses all these properties. It is perfectly soluble. Chlorine is an

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vision, but there is usually some slight error which was previously

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group by Starcovici in 1893. The term ' piroplasma,' so often used,

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the action of the heart in part in a purely mechanical

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ration becomes more rapid and deep, the inspiration being as

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•John A. Hardt, M.D., Faeger. W. Va., to Miss Virginia T.

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2. If the body is left dead from direct and absolute

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lobules, or bunches of lobules, occupy the anterior edges of the

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er of transmission. Hence, when by a defective communi-

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lupus vulgaris may spread rapidly and symmetrically on the face in the

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