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intelligence of a wise and able executive. It has been
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found that the urine contained more albumen, but this
and outward, the posterior part of the vagina w'as depressed
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in the loss and the crippling of so many of the young, the best
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tered in its properties, or, in other words, partially digested.
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[headache, sensation of fluttering in head, sensation oi
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petigo than is that of any other part. The pus from deep abscesses does
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however, re-invented in 1816, by Recamier, (deceased in 1852,) and its
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In consequence thereof, as soon as the child began to as-
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in injured eye; lio sympathetic ophthalmitis. Austral.
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Attended another case of labor sixteen days after. Twelve
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who reported that the man had been taken ill while at work some weeks pre-
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bronchitis, but a congested state of the lungs. He had
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elbow joint; death, exteusiA^e central myelitis, with formation of cavities in
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when the experiment commenced; figure 4, September 7, shows its
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from a considerable draught, and that it has the power of causing
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pulmonary circulation. In gout, chronic Bright's disease, and sj-philis. how-
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From the Leader—" It \t sAttdL tat iw&iib&. <*&-« book in which Instruction, amusement, ant
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ounce, as an injection for the radical cure of hydrocele.
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stance and the modifications of the tuberculous proliferation. Clinically it
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external manifestation " in the way of discharge, and, according to
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extricate ourselves ; and, before going further, I shall therefore
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pentine \ oz., camphorated spirit of wine 2 oz. — Taplin.