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ilis the first symptom of the disease indicates that general infec-

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culty, as it is always more or less mingled with blood returning through the

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One hour and nineteen minutes after this observation, temperature of the rectum, 39°.6, and

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and believing, as Dr. Jenner has expressed, " that so consistent a

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the forceps, and without much diflBculty extracted a living child. To obtain a

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required, nor any of the treatment proper either to the first

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state. I am not aware of any recorded post-mortem examina-

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On the Mechanical Treatment of Sterility. By Henry Oldham,

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* Deiderich, Victor P : Surgnry, Gynfcology and Obstetrics, vol. 28, p. 362.

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paid little attention to it during the first two or three days; their

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Her health continued tolerably good, although she suffered dyspnoea

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a little sore on his upper lip, a little below his right

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remains of the cancerous framework). If young cancer be found with

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been attributed to the circular fibres of the neck; and the

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creased by supplying more water, a continuous blowing sound can be

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not have been pierced without the bullet engaging, in

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dition. Filthy stables; muddy roads; and injuries to the feet

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I carefully examined the relations of the perturbations in the heart's action to the Tetanic

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the fibres into httle adipose particles and granular

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anthropology so thoroughly that there remains very little to be said

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various. It is tolerably certain, therefore, although incapable of demon-

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tions. It is a disturbance of this balance which annoys one

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para was 36 years old and was seized with eclampsia