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of a prickling, uneasy sensation beneath the lower half of biceps.
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as it can be carried about in the form of tablets in a small box in the
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in the uncomplicated cases a careful study of the pulse and
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The treatment consists of moderate counter-irritation, the iodide of
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air in a saturator, that the blood was noticeably dark in color as com-
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of their country on the miseries, the wrongs, and the
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of glaucoma following exudative retinitis albumiuurica.
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the use of i)arartin injections came up i>eriodically at the Section. There was
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wound, and turning the patient over, removes the kidney
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once did I find in the infant Doraw, an hour and fifty min-
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Send for copy of By-laws and Monthly Bulletin. These lists will be furnished
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inversion of the vagina. One case terminated spontaneously ; the other
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meaning; in the dialogue, Vaccius is made to say the following, as he
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ill-ventilated rooms during their fever, ihej/ are not found contagious to
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mother with active disease should nurse her infant, and
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the stomach, but partly floating upon it, presenting an ap-
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disease, and sometimes in cirrhosis of the kidney, but is un-
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cause he had performed it without chloroform. On this
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tions in which the biologic mother and the adoptive
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discover is how the blind child under examination compares
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severe cystitis accompanying uterine tumor, the uterus being
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favourable hygienic conditions, with a cleared alimentary canal,