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nuclear, and cell elements of the hemispherical ganglion, as the instru-

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ner. The flaps projecting below the margin of the lip are to be held

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In the treatment of pemphigus no definite rules can be laid do\vn,

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The daily ration taken by this patient consisted of the following:

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J. Bence and K. Engel 3 found in myxedema a relative lymphocytosis and an

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Although several varieties of scarlatina are described by

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success and very definite prescribing, it always con-

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Kruse and Pasquale were the first to regularly find amoebae in the

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withdrawn directly into the bottle-shaped centrifuge tubes, and

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affection were very clearly elucidated by Bretonneau, in 1821, 1825, and

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however, rendered the early recognition and treatment of

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not being able to take milk, which is almost indis-

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this side of the body had been removed. Specimen removed two days after opera-

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is most affected, the appetite soon fails, rumination ceases, and

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products of inflammation, should be supplied in sufficient quantities at short and reictt-

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several varieties of which exceed 200 lbs. After noticing an

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Canals, Capsule, Corpuscles, Follicles of ; Glomeruli, Pyra-

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" It is well known that, outside of such arrogant and illiberal associations, educated