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proud. Sir William Macewen, said in London just three weeks ago,
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ters ; the latter may develop late, and is incapable of
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virulent anaerobes are present as well as vibrion septique.
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for Labor Legislation, made this address. He said that
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known that the coating, formed by the nitrate in combination
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the vitalizing effective force of careful intellectual discipline,
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turned the viscus to the abdominal cavity, dissecting out the
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We frequently find in carcinoma of the stomach, and more rarely
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Legislature, that the services of Dr. Campbell Stewart, the present phy-
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under treatment in the wards. I especially commend to your
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become weaker every year, but their repentance will in future be too
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Louisville to come at once, or as soon as possible, to the place
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from violence. First with regard to the living body, — in aged persons, it is