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The left kidney showed slight parenchymatous changes and

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preparations of ammonia. Carbonate of ammonia in doses of five grains,

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renal albuminuria, an example of which is frequently seen in the slight

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Vienna, both influenced by Boerhaave, contained the only two

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There is no pus in the antrum. On transillumination there is a dark

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Tlie digestive organs hereunto described, do not constitute the

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stones were found. The induration of the pancreas had entirely dis-

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patients as to the nature of their malady by telling them the

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caseation and disintegration of the innermost cells. These

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cerebellum ; and that on lesion of this lobe, directly or indirectly, the

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or no purpose. Better than in any other way, perhaps, an idea

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auscultations are made with the unaided ear, to many percus-

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compHcated with swelling and inflammation of the glandulai'

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pus producers. Iodin concentrates on standing, an added danger.

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produces no local secretion, since the faces, evacuated as a conse-

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There are two classes of medical works to be met with daily in

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letter. Address J0HN p. MORTON & COMPANY, Louisville, Ky.

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thumb and little fingers. The index fingers have only the

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by unscrupulous shysters. We wish, by this spirit of unity and co-

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tive or friend lias had to find his natural level in the

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earth has been visited, has been noticed, it is said

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sities, although even the medicine of the aborigines presents

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"Amongst modern instances of national disaster thus induced,

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physicians. Thus, Walter of Mortagne (d. 1174) probably was the

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from the excitation of spasms, by the local stimulant effects of Chloroform and Ether