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of the intestinal ulcers as well as in the complicating lesions.
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accounts, demanding the payment of fees in confinement cases in cash,
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Neurological Institute of New York. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York
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of evidence on behalf of the defendant in the following particulars :
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certainty that a fair proportion of those infected remain carriers
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are needed. It is pretty well agreed that bismuth and salol are the best
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that may be Needed. IV, Diagnoses of the Causes of Death. The Mar-
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Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, University of Pennsylvania.
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The dualistic nature of the organ is emphasized — the author believing
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Ordinary hospital statistics are perniciously misleading.
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onset of his "St. Vitus' Dance" his walking has very gradually
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or sanitorium. (4) To act as guardian of the health of the
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patient. These facts have been emphasized, also, through a report of
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was now brought near. The natural antagonism between
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lost interest in matters which formerly attracted her; she did
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By H. E. JORDAN, M. A., Ph.D., Professor of Histology and
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Pollution of Rivers and Harbors, held at Cleveland, October 23 and 24,
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symptoms and the type of persons affected are so similar to
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C. W. Stone, in closing, said that no other member of the family has
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reached the intestine, caused a delay in the emptying of the small
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able to the public — by attempting to secure by means of a "trade-
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give negative results in a suspected case, renal biopsy
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These were the days of fierce conflicts between the lithotritists
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construed as attempting to authorize the Health Service to exer-
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Vice President, Lester E. Siemon, Cleveland; Secretary, V. A. Dodd,
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174 New York State Journal of Medicine/January 1978
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•"dolly mno«d «, Sit tS^,^.,^, ? ^' T"^' *"»"> •*
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killed in a fight with other dogs. At the last observation,
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by the general or localized reactions which occur after the in-
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and blood pressure in the course of croupous pneumonia, and expressed
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One of the doctors who can write something else than a text-
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zero, nor do we want them to be in an atmosphere of 120
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fore that those physicians who substitute official preparations
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produce measles in animals experimentally. He used the fresh, warm
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