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reasonable to suppose that the fiagella constitute direct processes of. cell

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Dr. McLaughlin — I was going to remark that it does not seem to me this section as it

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lesions differs from the ordinary hypertrophic gastritis

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be looked for in this direction ; aside from this fever, yellow

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varieties, of syphilitic ulceration, strictures, any one of which may

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occurs in the formation of the oral cavity of the am-

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sentation for a similar reason. On the whole, the plates

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length and thickness, and was slightly kinked. It was re-

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fit for practising upon the rest the arts of Medicine and

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free schools, as much so as free crayons, free wood and free teachers.

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the normal tissues by which the aqueous humor escapes

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The course of the regularly intermittent malarial fevers is greatly

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cussed the fact that in vaginal hysterectomy the right is more frequently

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Diseases, W. B. Saunders Co., Phila., eighth edition, p.

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with very copious discharge, late in the disease, and witli

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and used until full, containing much useful informa-

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and an audible snap, and the whole limb will slide easily down into its

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6 Used to simulate Injmies.— Plumbago rosea and Anacardtum

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Local Board have issued analyses of the water by Messrs.

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excited into activity by severe surgical procedures.

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Treatment. — It is of primary im})ortance that any possible exciting

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Two cases which Dr. Crocker regards as examples of adenoma sebaceum

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buminous occupies the cells and vesicles most remote from

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those caused by other volatile oils. For example, Heffter 87 found that safrol,

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lent society supported by voluntary contributions, and has

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The causes of paralysis are various. Diseases of the brain and spinal

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The following, from the Philadelphia Medical News of the 27th

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was lessened if he lay on the abdomen, or stood upright, or walked. This

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clinical observation ; I even venture to say it has been a dominant

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Unless in cases of strangulated hernia I know of no condition

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some dispute. Tilbury Fox and Crocker maintain that the fluid

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am perfectly sure that a large dose of alcohol in shock