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nal atmosphere. He took thirty-six flasks, containing nine
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ill of the cases were amicably settled. The result is
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patient to get about, and allows of active movements
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periosteum of temporal bone with external ecchymosis, hemor-
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Two powders, weighing each one drachm, were prescribed by the prisoner,
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della Regia Accademia medica di Roma, xviii., 5, 1892. Also English Translation
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usually quite acute and the features are those of the other forms of
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ment of steel sounds of the largest diameter which the
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DiarriiGsa occurs, in the first stage, in a certain proportion of cases. If
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made upon the olecranon, tiie writer referred to has
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would find the head below the vocal cords, but caught by
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preferable to the present front basement and back stairway arrangement,
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human lung. The position of the superior bronchial tube of the
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that seem to show that the mosquitoes flew aboard, the vessel previously
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place until finally a bulge occurs and we have "rup-
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2801 N SARATOGA / P O. BOX 849 / SHAWNEE, OKLAHOMA 74801 / Phone: 405-273-5801
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tion of the fluid of the pustule, large disks remain beneath the horny
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His wife states that ho has been a perfectly healthy
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tion, but the faeces are mixed with flakes of mucus ; the bowels
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Dr. Carl J. Ringwell, Minneapolis, secretary. Licenses to prac-
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dorsum of the foot so as to expose the head of the astragalus.
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weeks after the fracture. It is a type of fractures which we en-
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stone of work, there must have been mighty little time
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Dr. Davis replied that it was now larger and denser than it was a fortnight
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nally expressed — that the suprapubic method is in most
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certain legislation, including modernization of the
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was syphilitic, I beat over the usual ground of symptoms,
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Eonia, 1891, xxxix, 1441-1502.— Keilly (R.) Notes on Af-
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have in your State a gentleman (Dr. Cy. Thompson), who has evidently
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plished by less dangerous means. All who have tried
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assert that it is permanent, provided there be no error in its manufacture,
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complete report is now at hand* in the form of a mono-
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tice must be renounced* This deficiency is the reason why ex-
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