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One of these may be pushed well into the rectum each night and
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mine contains a compoimd glycmt)nate. Exact care in preparation of the
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pedient to limit the ingestion of alimentary substances that are rich
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should have cooled to the temperature of the air, and the urinometer should
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Anomalies due to metabolic derangements, in which the kidneys are in
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usually observed. In such cases the superficial resemblance to ar-
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being processes which are always occurring, which we consider hurtful,
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^Maigre Cookery,' by Sidney Lear; London, Rivingtons.)
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with distilled water. After the filter and precipitate have been al-
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is the condition of the middle joints of the fingers, \^'hich are some-
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presence of alkalies which prevent its degradation to the acid so-
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Although the acid itself is dextrorotatory, the compound glycuronates
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could be got regarding her antecedents. The delirium was remark-
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state. The Dover's powder gives us an opportunity of more effec-
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Mix. Make into twenty pills. Dose one pill three times a day
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fact from the eye of any person who has any keenness of perception.
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Bright's disease. Bartels, for example, says that every case with complete
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tributed to the upper teeth and a wide region of the face ; the inferior
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The most frequent complication of myositis is muscular hemor-
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4. Pregnancy. — Pregnancy has been recognized as a cause of nephritis
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For various reasons, miscarriages are liable to occur at any time
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loath to heal. Aristol powder possesses similar efficiency and is
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There is a peculiar type also common in men in which the disease
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effect of a di'ug may be due to its action on the poison of the disease,
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which undoubtedly does exist in acute rheumatism, as simply an
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3. Cfold. — Cold is, perhaps, as Bartels* called it, an etiological scapegoat as
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face often Hushed and the eyes congested. The pulse is rapid in the
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sixteen under. They begin to appear usually between the sixth and
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in the liver, the spleen, the joints, or other organs and tissues of the
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reported that, in their opinion, it would be " inexpe-
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liad many nodules upon the seal}), forehead, elbows, palmaris and ex-
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sented conclusions of very great interest. It is probable that the
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Garrod furnished the conclusive proof of the presence of uric acid as
breathing, headache and loss of appetite. The patient presents every
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from the degree of levorotation which the urine exhibits after fermentation
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creased excretion of water by the skin and lungs, about 18 to 30 per
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proportionate to it. The oxygen absorbed by the insufficient haemo-
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comaines of the santhin group are discoverable in relatively large
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are at once precipitated upon the spot, and there serve to excite in-