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and 24 between two and five years of age. The deaths
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used in early diffuse peritonitis by Murphy and the
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sarily fatal forms and stages of all types of toxaemia, but
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confirmed by bacteriology and clinical observation.
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tract, should control the milder cases and greatly reduce
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June 22d, Dr. Arthur Blakeslee and Miss Helen Catherine
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Charles H. Williams,^ of Boston, the equally interesting record of the
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The bill is intended to remove certain anomalies in
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the portion of the sympadietic it is desired to stim-
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Larue Vaxsaxt recently read before the County Medical Society {Phila-
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cosis " for pneumonokoniosis does not seem so justifiable. We fail to
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were repeatedly examined, did not show any amoebae. The blood ex-
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laboratory. Full data of the case must be forwarded with each speci-
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there will be hardwood floors and mahogany finishing. It
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animal on its back, the peristaltic movements of the
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Within the limits of an address I cannot hope to do more than direct
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severe local swelling, a fever which disappears, and an abscess, the intra-
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ment the limb is well cleansed with soap ; poultices
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areas make their a]:)pearance around the macula and
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circulatory symptoms. So far as concerns cyanogen (CN — CN), there is
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a delay of twenty-four hours is safe. If in another twenty-four hours
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chronic diseases of the throat or of foreign bodies can be more successfully
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schools, and at a meeting held recently their reports were
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disagreeable sensations in the eyes, — instead of go-