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precaution to prevent the introduction of cholera into a community, is the estab-

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be naturally supposed to do under any given circumstances or conditions.

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From this time the situation improved rapidly, and the patient might be considered

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Lange proceeded further and found that normal spinal fluids, suit-

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2. Bread and barley meal equal parts, Goulard water q. s.,

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Electricians divide bodies into electrics, or non-conductors, and

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than they would have been by other methods. A strong argu-

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showed low tympanism at the base, and partial return of sonority at

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izing pain in the epigastrium, the vomiting of matter tinged with blood,

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injected into rabbits. The action of this serum was weaker and less specific

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spaces between the pustules inflame, and are of a deep red or

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(iii.) The following substances, similarly applied, have all been recom-

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is lessened proportionately to the amount drawn. 3. If the relation

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and the next as ridiculous. If to-day an ignorant person asks,

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patients as to the date of its first appearance, and

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have a certain resemblance. The diagnosis of this case is, therefore,

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fied and painful, the colour of the efflorescence of a deep purple, and all the

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very common in septic infection. Dr. H. W. Rogers noted

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when there is great weakness. Cases with small stomachs and infiltrating

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diminishing in frequency in the temperate climates, but occurring locally

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3. — Acidum Carholicum Lique factum. Liquified Carbolic Acid.

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requires a knowledge of three factors: whether the stimulus

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effect of a solution of belladonna, a cat was exhibited, to one eye of

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Migraine, which has heretofore been ascribed to uric

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pied the right anterior lobe. The period of silence is of variable dura-

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