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provement, of greater or less degree, in the others. The
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of the prickle-layer and thickening of the horny layer. All this explains
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of the red cells and considerable increase in the leucocytes or lymphocytes
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That the instrument of concave form, so far as regards loss of tissue
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Hydrorrhea and Hydrosalpinx, by Frederick S.Cowles,Westbrook,
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may expect the earliest and best results from that quarter.
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tain and Assistant Surgeon. Captain Corbusier, on being
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Lomion, an 1 the author of several valuable medical works.
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Anatomy. Edited by W. A. Evans, M. S., M. D., and Adolph
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yet you may blister him on some other part. And such,
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though he continued still very drowsy. At 3.45 his condition remaining
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effect of position on the ordinary clots, which form in the cavities of the
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out of 35 cases the aneurysm arose from the posterior portion. The
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Mr. J. AY. E.,, a surgeon, aged forty-eight years, came to me
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symptoms accompanied by great cachexia and general de-
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matter what organ we may be considering. It is, of course,
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conclusion he says : " We have no sure and absolute
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importance, should be thoroughly understood by the prac-
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and if the Subscription be not paid on or before the first Meeting in February,
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in the future internship training program in private hospitals.