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in establishing the value of worthlessness of the pro-
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the uncertainty of obtaining successful medical treatment.
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of the portal of entry of the tubercle bacilli, based
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able to contain nails driven in a vertical direction. This
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mention, as they are often met with in children. D. Pozzi
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Ifow, leaving aside political economy, and looking into the
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on his knowledge of chemistry and anatomy, and on Harvey's
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making necessary the use of all the lung that is possible in order to
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series of 600 gm. rabbits was injected intrapleurally with 3, 2, 1, 0.5, and 0.1 cc.
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pecially in his own family— that so young a man, in the midst of temptations,
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might be classified only as a teratoma. Although the
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The next time I saw the patient was October 22, 1893.
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persons, the average number who die is somewhere about 70
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duced a hard swelling, which, being incised, showed no
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medium.^ Stone and especially wood are rarely used. In some places
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Next morning at 6 a. m., the bowels acted loosely. The
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purulent ophthalmia is, comparatively, rare. But, surely this
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"Cranks and Honest Expert Testimony," Dr. M. Nelson Voldeng, Assist-
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cavity ; the excess of air will be released by the opening of
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surprising when one considers the mixed infection with which
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and I take for granted that Hill's statement that " the normal
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influenza nostras and influenza vera, especially in non-epidemic periods.
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about three years. I had my dissecting instruments with me all 0. K., and
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ment, as if congenital disease no less than original sin were the lot of