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hundred original certificates are on file in the office.

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lung, and one soon became familiar with its appearance. In

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•Maniey: .Medical Jiews, Philadelphia, 1900, Vol. Ixxvi,

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The military commands have been grouped together accord-

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degenerative and perhaps incurable. For the first he recommends

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uniform result; on some occasions I threw in the lead also, and

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your case." The patient smiled, and replied: " True, doctor. I came to consult

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Spencer says that, in the order of their importance, the

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is more complete when this stroke is made upon the outer side of

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observed : 1. If, after two or three hours, the patient become very restless, with

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When the temperature is reduced, and the PaJ^^"^ /^^^

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ViEussENS, R., French anatomist, 1041-1716. — Valve of

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tations, as they are called, are open to practitioners, and are worth

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shoulder against the saddle, and taking the bridoon rein

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Dr. Buckingham referred to the phlebitis of the left upper extremity

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point at least, most of the facts descril)ed in the

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of the body than the other. Eight days later he died suddenly.

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IX. — A case of Gumma of the Tongue in Congenital

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placing a compressing band around the toe to control

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professional at least to consider the matter before being

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in fact, in common language, they are said "to sweat"; and,

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the active ingredient. It is probable that the preparation first

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restraint, but change of surroundings both mental and

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with the same dramatic result of an intense haemolysis and severe

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seemed at first too large, now constitute a firm, compact, well-