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We have left ourselves but little space to notice M. Urbain
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piece of a stethoscope provided with a rim of india-rubber.
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The weight of the whole cerebrum and cerebellum i:.
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forget that whatever Baginsky says as an introduction
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and all the signs which on a superficial examination
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considered us bad antiiheumatics and are consequently used irregularly.
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be derived from applying a warm plaister (Burgundy Pitch) to
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exceptions, been followed by complete immunity from the disease. In one
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wish to request a letter rather than a resume. In this way
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quorum, and for altering the Constitution twenty-five members shall
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the records of others which have been published from time
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normal. The conditions found in an after-death examination
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untary oblivion.' Now these three causes which cover
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actual life has any such procedure occurred ? And ought not such a
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presence of the specific cause and predisposing influences an exciting
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menters studying the causes of soft pork are therefore disregarding
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cured of his hernia, and experienced no inconvenience
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sues as for the Golgi method and staining with Heidenhain's iron-lack hema-
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and certain cerebral injuries and diseases. It may also be a symptom of
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LABORATORY AND X-RAY FINDINGS : Include gross photographs, and other pertinent ma-
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located here are the College administration and Dean's offices, the College li-
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(1) superior, (2) middle, (3) inferior. 8. The number of pairs of
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Bramwell (B.) Tlie treatment of typhoid fever. Stud,
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rest, but finally ceased. In August ])lefcding from the
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also as localising factors in determining the seat and gravity of the disease."
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Arcb. ital. de biol., Turin, J890, xiv, 113-132. Also, transl. :
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column, and this will be deemed by us a fall equivalent to those
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whole body, or to a great part of the body, and which supervene as the
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culosis is considered. The free use of water n\ cleansing,
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absence of the knee-jerk, from the latter nystagmus and scanning speech.
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but it can be restored in large part, by rapid, preferably mediate,