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after granose test-meal : hydrochloric acid present ; lactic
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N. B.— Surgical apparatus for every variety of deformity made
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of the dilemma he chooses. The case was one which auscultation
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cessive inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach
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companied witii continually increasing deafness and
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may be best to fasten a piece of woolen cloth to the
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tary substances, also, frequently oppose the digestive actions
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Three years 1 students, examined at the end of their second
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immunity. In this disease, as in all epidemic diseases, each epidemic may
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finally evaporated to dryness on a vapour bath. The thoroughly
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that he is turning to the right. When he stops and the endolymph
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Cornell Word Form-2 test (on the vertical axis). The
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could in this manner produce a malarial disease. Similar experi-
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It is hardly within the province of this paper to dis-
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ing surface, I was pleased to find much less swelling
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The occasion was the delivery of the Anniversary Dis-
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The Ssminal Vesicles. — Remarks on these organs by Dr.
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ae of a certain proportion of cases. The vessels of the pia mater and
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grams and the effort put forth / and it encouraged greater
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of what shall be considered immoral, unprofessional and dishonorable
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Eugene F. "University of Maryland, 1807-1907" (New York : The Lewis Publishing Company,
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This book is an innovation in medical literature in that the combined discus-
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Headache may be relieved by the application of cold to the head or by
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Dr. J. O. Jenkins, Newport : Much has .been said here and said well.
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during which the muscles change their tension. The crack-
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we are treated with citations from Pliny and the poets in
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are phimosis, difficult urination and congenital narrowing of the
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The impropriety of using patent and proprietaiy medi-
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mainly directed against the use of mercury in secondary syphilis, yet he
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The operation was performed in the last century and also in the early
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much stress, however, it is acknowledged by Mr. Palmer himself, must not be
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leads us to conclude that the pain and suffering associated with
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nent, of the isolated segments of the cord. It has been
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The following officers were elected during the busi-
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In somnambulists there is often a cataleptoid condition of the muscles ;
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Mead said, No; Middleton said, Yes. The argument ran high,
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followed by iron-htematoxylin and Lichtgriin-picric ; and (2)
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of Physic, Trinity College, late Assistant Master Rotunda Lying-
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minder postcard was sent to the patients about two weeks
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of the various organs and count those who have become
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clean and expert with reference to all questions per-