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severe convulsions during three consecutive days, when a slight
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operation, and then, when so desired, the wound could be kept
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The courses on Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology are ot
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places any burden upon the body. The amount of sulphuric acid avail-
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Champagne was given in small and frequent doses, and when
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from the gums and nose is a preliminary in few cases.
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Dr. Fred £. Sutherland! of Janes ville read a paper on The Differential
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k In clinical tests proved SAFE for 98% /T'S EXCLUSIVELY BY
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atrophy of the wall of the heart with dilatation of its cavity. As, in
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sexual organs, this deduction seems logical. Hereditary influence,
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either teach the former view, or are silent upon the subject. Den-
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sized ball night and morning for a week or 10 days.
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six days and a half previously had injured the middle
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says that he does not believe that this should be done unless the patient is
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the country depend for their supply of trained nurses, over 400 a y. i
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" HI. — F., 29, Chron. cat. deaf. — Result good.
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connection with individual iliseases. The morbid conditions constituting
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cated the removal of all pathological conditions of the pelvis when
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wall. The ampulla is divided from the sigmoid by the plica rectoromano, lying to
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mother with active disease should nurse her infant, and
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treatment for the tuberculous at home. The beneficial results
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position. It was not, however, until 1887 that Clado isolated his baclerie
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the products of the bronchitis conveyed by the lymph tract;
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Operations at University College Hospital, 2 p.m. ; St. Mary's, 2 p.m. ;
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(" epileptiform neuralgia "). It tends to vary from day to day, and, like
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and hard, coarse bread or cake. To masticate such food would
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never been called on to operate. They recovered with an ice pack over
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tration of cod-liver oil is particularly advocated as combining
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The Irtermediate for J^C "ihe Juniorette" (as de- JIC
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each session, and, as the subjects are divided into three sets, the