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limb. Paralysis of these muscles does not make standing or walking

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the gall-bladder. In Musser's one hundred cases of gall-bladder carcinoma,

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Medical Pharmacopoeia, and it was proposed by Dr. Acland

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Genus 4. Phragmidiothrix. Cells which in the beginning ap-

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patient, although exhausted, experiences a feeling of comfort and well-

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ments certain, though guarded, conclusions as to the

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When the fluid within the chest is purulent, there may be, in addition to

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aooompanying fever, since, as we have seen, exhaustion from fever ter-

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elucidated. That it has an important part to play is un-

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tapering or small; rump narrow or pointed, not plump or well filled, or too steep

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tiong of blood ; as also are the substance of the cardiac walls, and the

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When the disease has advanced to a hopeless stage, but little can be

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The objections to this explanation of the causation are: (1)

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neither were the cannon-ball, the compressed sponge, or

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dry desert below sea-level; while the foothills of San Gabriel or near Newhall

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ments have in the main been confirmed by Ludwig and

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With this forceps we pull directly in the axis of the

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first case the vessel must be regarded as infected and the measures used

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abnormal introduction of blood into it during aortic regurgi-

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livering a living child said to have weighed twelve

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young. I think until you have made sure that the in-

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projectiles. The prognosis depends upon the following

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point where it empties into the left subclavian vein and where the dilated right lymphatic

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found them most frequently (13 out of 18 cases) only in the cervical

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their necks and boil for a period of three-fourths to one hour. Cool

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vascular occlusion ; and slight aseptic traumatism.

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Any one who studies our Poor Law statistics, or who looks at our

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and they collapse when the electricity is taken off. So the hairs of a

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