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lowed thereafter with frequent liver function tests until the abnormality(ies) return to normal. Should an increase in AST

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The doctor reported that he had to get food by persuasion and threat, and he

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Pulmonary Conference, Tuesdays, 12:00 noon, Shuffield Auditorium. A light lunch is provided.

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had the forward convexity in 72 per cent., the straight

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The Druggist's General Eeceipt Book. Eighth Edition. By

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measures. Lumbar puncture may prove ing conclusions :

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exciting a flow of mucus. After presenting these lively and vigorous vibrations for one

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plant itself upon such a platform will find it in the end the

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body and extremities and not on the face. It continues for twenty-four

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cally from a newly formed grey tubercle nodule. So independent

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ing the administration of the drug phenol did not disappear from the urine.

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and character not dependent upon birth, to which, if

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women Medical students permission to make arrangements with

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In three instances (Nos. 1, 73, 74) the milk had been kept in the cottage closi

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sence of lancinating pain, and the pain which is felt being sub-sternal ; the

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The following dietetic rules for the treatment of diarrhcea in tuberculous

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Mr. Quain's name will undoubtedly bring him support from

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The destruction of the bacillus of tuberculosis upon

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then, without apparent cause, attacks of profuse sweating, and scaly

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conclusion that this pulse variation is almost invariably met with in all conditions

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1, No. 7, p. 122) and Greiwe {Ohio State Med. Jour., Columbus,

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of the dominant eye, and elaborates upon "the pathologic results of dextro-

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first chapter deals with arrested nutrition, after which eight chapters

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the alleged cholera bacillus now appear. A correspond-

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not need to review the disastrous results of vaginal

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remained aseptic after having taken methyl-blue inter-

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themselves with it. The question, however, now raised is

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Boston M. & S. J., 1891, cxxiv, 25. [Discussion], 36.

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by him denominated the narcotic prmciple, I repeated the ex-