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February 3.— She has always been susceptible to chloroform

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strain, the imaginative and artistic faculties and ready sensitive-

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disease. It is sometimes interrupted by dyspepsia and paralyses, and the

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substance, but it seems certain that this substance proceeds from

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and, on account of tlie consequent expense and larger quantity

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tion in the percentage of polymorphonuclears to about 50%. Towards the end of

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1 For complete description, cf. forthcominfr Bullefhi of the Bureau of Government Labo-

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to deep hypnosis. Dosage required is only about one-half

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have some contra indications for its use — there would be

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slow, sinking, sometimes, to 48 or 50 in the minute. The pulse

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readily elicited. Synovitis may subside under suitable

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of the child. Other methods have been tried by Dieffenbach, Langenbeck,

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(Prom the Ovnecological Clinic of the John* Bopkitu Hotpital.)

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water is pumped up, the sand and gravel round the point of

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We recall another case of pistol wound, with penetration of the

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Hunter, Ives, and others. I have used blood in trans-

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elucidation be rendered more satisfactory and compre-

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Also [Abstr.]: Bull. Soc. anat. de Par,, 1882, Ivii. 357-360.

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and his age advanced. This was the second case in which the

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rabbits, and their results cannot, without further con-

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strong and firm. Mr. Colles, whose attention I directed to the state of

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those discharged, over forty-five per cent were fully restored to

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irritation. The patient had felt no pain, except when

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powdered sweet herbs, and a plain salad dressing as above.

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latent for a long period at first and the pathological lesions are usually

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The fear of contagion has long exercised an undue influ-

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for nearly four months after rupture of the amnion. He saw the patient first

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If these halls could speak they could inform you of

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The criminal is perfectly well aware of the fact that