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with vomiting, grave delirium, hemorrhages, the presence of an immense

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attains enormous dimensions the usual mechanical pressure-effects are

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Hot been determined precisely as yet. Obviously, however, a certain

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has shown that it is not well to apply this treatment to an un-

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are the etiology, pain in the right hypochondriac region — particularly

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growth may invade the peritoneum and cause an effusion. This symp-

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Another effective vermifuge is kousso (Brayera anthelmintica). An

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of the lymphatic glands, those in relation to the involved joint being

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air in the pleural cavity freely communicates with the external air.

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often involving the muscles of mastication and giving rise to trismus or

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dominal and thoracic compression symptoms may be caused, and bulging

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power and difficult}^ in urination. The sensory symptoms belong to

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(4) A limited lesion in the posterior two-thirds of the first and second

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sions are also prone to occur in this disease. The reflex nervous excita-

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a child, in a hot pack, or bath, has proved of benefit in allaying

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Anyone familiar with this author, with his work and with his reputa-

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and later feculent, vomiting ; of absolute constipation and of tympanites

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combination and one which is frequent is cancer of the pylorus

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chronic intestinal indigestion a swashing or splashing noise, sounding

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the first to develop, the last to lose, and the first to regain, its function.

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struction are appropriate. If total obstruction persist despite medical

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The history of previous acute attacks would tend to confirm the diagnosis.

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It is not enough that the ovum, as shown by Boweri, has pro-

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Taenia Madagascariensis and Tcenia serrata are other forms rarely

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of 1^ grains every hour in 60 cases of summer diarrhea, and found it to

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Von Jaksch insisted that the different forms of leukocytes occur in their

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Uremic diarrhea may also exist apart from any marked gastric disturb-

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Bill Goat — Not for me. My doctor has forbidden a starch diet.

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testine), 25 of 33 cases were mono-infections, the staphylococcus aureus

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the most common. It consists in the development in a large goiter of

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palpation and percussion an increase in the hepatic area, the lower bor-

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tissues severed between. The round ligament is next tied and

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measure the error, employ many methods of test. Objective

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baths, under supervision) and regulated hours of sleep exert a bene-

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the too gradual withdrawal is torturing. A middle course, the "rapid-

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at the reunion of homoeopaths in Delaware there occurred a most re-

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there are no lucid intervals, or if those that occur are short and imperfect,

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