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morphonuclear cell is selective for particles not too large or too small ?

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general constitutional symptoms. The operative mortality in this class

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feeding succeeds for a time, but after a while it sets up such an irrita-

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others. These villages are interspersed through the valley, at dif-

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ering of moistened absorbent cotton or chamois-skin will

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works on influenza,* namely, that influenza often leads to abortion.

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with effusion — Tubercular Lungs — Anasarca — Former Popliteal Aneu

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It is in the placenta that the foetal blood is oxygenized and rendered

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tions. There has been an increase in teachers* wages. A year ago

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favor of an influence upon the former tending to its in-

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" No, sir," replied Dr. Swankem, stiffly. " We do not recognize Dr. Rybold as

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Dose.— Stomachic— R. k C, 3 i.-ii. (30.-60.); Sh., 3 i. (4);

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in the laboratory at the hospital. Most of the collecting can be

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normoblastic reaction of Ehrlich and the hematoblastic

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tore through the vena cava ; the wound of entrance was

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almost breaking in the act, only required a slight touch of the

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posed changes in the manner of obtaining the fellow-

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or a corundum stone of coarse grain, the thinnest film of tissue can be

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performed for pylorectomy was done in 1883 ; a year or two

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vious in right inguinal glands. Subsequent involvement of left

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evident. If the antivivisectionists would be a little more ac-

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the delegates from the sections shall present credentials signed

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many interesting fields of investigation. The vast sub-

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space to descant upon all the modes, and methods, of combatting disease

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of obesity in its unknown etiology, the distribution of the fat in masses,

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acting in the tissues themselves, and not foreign to them. When"