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also that the claws should be cut off as near the ungual bones as possible,
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be interesting. Nature early taught man to knead his flesh
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for six months. In February, 1910, she was again operated on in the
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absolute drought, lasting from 14 to 18 days, either in the second
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for artificial respiration in cases of asphyxia due to
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Ameiican Medical Monthly for 1856, to show what Dr.
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organs ; and, after expending much trouble, he succeeded in
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operative treatment should be discarded as dangerous.
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ment of Disease, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1916, 66, 1753.
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with a considerable amount of success. The method of using it is by applying
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antennae in the male, pilose in the female. Wings with six scaled longitudinal
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splenic omentum, the root of the mesenterj^, and in the
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was kept in motion by means of a stirrer during several hours. The reaction
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