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brown colour; the quantity of fat upon it was much greater

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substance, which, from imbibition of blood colouring matter, had become

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temperature was 104°, respiration 48. Hot flaxseed-

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at rest by the exudate has a better chance of healing. I can see no

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At the author's suggestion, the manufacturers attach the base of the new

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Cases of pneumonitis complicated with delirium tremens call for the

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Eye : Dr. A. W. McAlester, Dr. H. R. Look, Dr. Frank L. Sanders.

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On examination the external urethral orifice appeared normal,

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to themselves. They are not able to sensitize to beef serum, nor do

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same end in view this year, but on an entirely different line, it is

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gress," by F. X. Dercum, of Philadelphia, Pa.; "The

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the facial trunk near the geniculate ganglion ; through this


cation. This is a step in the right direction — ^it is a step

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stimulant. This conception has passed into common usage,

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Dr Hetsko (center) with Health officials from the City of

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other than theoretical grounds. Country people, if we know

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Uarraeii, V\ . The importance of early reduction of

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repeating them today. I would say that in all cases of

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ference to being treated privately at home. The recommenda-

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to renew their interest in this serious congenital mal-

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fibres of tlie optic tracts in the anterior pair of the nates, which, it may there-

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that is diametrically opposed to that of certain other

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one case, streptococcus pyogenes and bacillus coli in

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drunkenness, and not at all a lover of the truth. Consequently, a great deal of doubt

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ward, evidently on account of the usual matism. the pain and swelling disappeared