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It is only natural to suppose, in spite of the clear exposition by
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Medical service, and the extensive use of quinine. How
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August, aged 82, He was not only a superior physician, but a
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States: Public health issues in the use of years of potential life lost. MMWR 1986; 35
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advise you to use it at all, unless by way of trial in very
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secretion with alimentary glycosuria or its easy induction
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irritable, cross with the children, and can not bear to have them noisy,
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which the Society of Apothecaries labours, and of the " happy
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General Appearance. — The subcutaneous fat is not only well retained,
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poissons (Animodytes tobianus). Ibid., 1896, cxxii, 252-
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overwhelming the kidneys by the quantity rather than the quality
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Thus, of chronic injuries of the valves of the heart and
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a stock company. Through this action stock in the newly formed
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purchased ready-made, that artificial digestants afford but
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learned respecting the diagnosis of this disease by its symptoms, the
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nial cavity is opened at the autopsy, one or two ounces
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of the acicular, rosette crystals now believed to be
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least signs of gravity, the patient is suddenly stricken with serious
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they are also united, and are surmounted by a handle resembling that of an
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Under the head of " convalescence '' we find " recov-
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CoUeee, 2 p.m. — London, 2 p.m. — lloyal London Oph-
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Individual experience, always limited, goes for very little, for the honest
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matter what organ we may be considering. It is, of course,
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the time these trials were made. But it is evident that Dr. Gor-
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Chronic disease becomes especially active, spreading over
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mentioned, have nevertheless strengthened his belief in the
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