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some of the degenerated ascending fibers seen in the mesen-

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of the vessel. In this instance, the state of the artery beyond

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Exercise in the open air is a highly important part of the regimenal treat-

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ened by osmic acid it is not affected by long exposure to

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certain anatomical considerations, upon wliich I cannot at pre-

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^^ Physician- Accoucheur to the British General Hospital, &c.

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other serious affections. Such cases are not easil}' collected, for, if the

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iodide of potassium, turpentine, and the sulphate of quinia. A variety

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From these experiments May and Horsley concluded that the

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processes and ciliary ligament as far as the edge of the cornea.

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cases of erysipelatous fever which occurred during the epidemic prevalence

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ment during the prevalence of the disease, and recording the s^-mptoms

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made of the influence of these movements upon blood-pressure.

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by pains extending into the scrotum, accompanied by notable tenderness

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there is not one more frequently occurring than bruit de souf-

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a special efficacy in scorbutus, is not to the same extent curative in pur-

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ing, since the close similarity found here, and that found in

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Various palliative measures may be resorted to with advantage. The

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investigators illustrate. It is a perinervous space. Later it

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pojias from the I'xisting standpoint of me licil and ph irm leeutical science. Fo"- several years

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nerve, or trifacial neuralgia. 2. Cervico-occipital neuralgia. 3. Brachial

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tration. Emetics have been advocated as curative, but the evidence of

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some royal octavo volume of over 1100 pages. Cloth, $6 50; leuther, raised bands, $7 50.

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throughout of careful study and practical experience.

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of a positive diagnosis, but such cases are also extremely rare. Their

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duction of certain animal i)oisons (as those of the exanthemata or of

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branny scales, not in patches or flakes. Coincident with the decline and

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The question whether the amoeboid gUa cells come from newly-

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formerly that the surface of the ganghon cells are covered by

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tion of the cell body or the process of the glia cell. As far as

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garded, in certain cases, as an individual disease. Not a few morbid con-

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cal School, Park-street; without whose patient, cordial, and

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variola in the mouth and fauces, the non-occurrence of variolous papules

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Langley, J. N. 1890 On the physiology of the salivary secretion. Jour. Phys.,

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but, owing to the unyielding bony case which contains the brain, a small

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