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Eyesight, of the Committee on the Examination of School

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To see her walk, it looked as if one leg was really

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cheeks and soft palate. The voice is slow ; no special fulness

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For the sake of localization one must ascertain whether the patient was right or

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tobacco. The fine water power afforded by this river and its

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ease ends fatally by the slowly progressive exhaustion which it induces ;

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where there was a rapid and abnormally great accumulation of liquor

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the professional nurse can treat the sick only under

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Sylvanus C. Oriswold, M.S., Missouri Medical College, St.

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cerous mass was curetted away. This operation was not of my own

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This arrangement of molecules with side chains is a well-known

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a fly ; sometimes they whip the neighboring red blood cells, push

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familiarity with the instruments of death, and by great military

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nancy, the resu't of imperfect metabolism of nitrogenous

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to this change, ending in a granular mass, enclosing a few rude rough cor-

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as to the merits of the two sides from a perusal of the two

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such data appeared highly desirable the present study was under-

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scored not less than once each 60 days and the last rating only within

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the superior mesenteric veins which traverse the muscular

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Incidence Greater than /%.- Gasf/-o//ifesf/na/ — Gastrointestinal pain (10%), dyspepsia ,* nausea*

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Triple Phosphate fell ; this is the first deposit thrown down in so short a period ; heretofore,

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alcohol had upon it, but when the system comes to use the strength naturally prepared for it, and

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according to the same authority, the quartan plasmodium has been found

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mechanical pressure which arises sometimes from the effusion of

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they still have the opportunity of going to their respective

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the skin-flap turned down and secured by sutures. Free

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among them a man for the plate of copper, and still obtained