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The antrum consists of a triangular cavity in the substance
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them back. The conjunctiva is swollen and covered with a grayish
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comprehension of these principles, chemistry will be
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in infectious or suppurative cholangitis and pericholangitis, with extension
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service of Dr. Mixter, who recognized the trouble at
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bladder was red and intensely inflamed ; small ulcerated areas
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geal must be flexed and extended at each treatment.
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meaning of these barbarisms which they had created."
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l;''-' "' ā– ' nullinirtiv. Th. kn.iun na',- liiuiid iā€ž u,,,,,,,!^ v ,n ,1,
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Following this eight persons were attacked, seven of whom were
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(E) Further Tests to be Used in Case of Failure to Gain (B).
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matosus, some years ago, I found that a very large proportion of them had either
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him from directing especial attention to them. With
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and in less than twenty-four hours on the rind of the fruit. It is, therefore,,
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abdominal viscera are, at any period of embryonic life, situated in
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hepatitis both at NIH and at other study centers. It was found
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a copious mixed eruption ā€” composed of small vesicles, pustules,
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There is yet much to be learned concerning the action of
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quite ujisupported by anatomical research, however fit for the 'semi-
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review board and a state formulary, while at the same
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during the last ten years they have been continuous and vomiting
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tact with the class of injuries under consideration. For
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vomiting may be compared with the previous vomiting from
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derian membrane will do more good than four ounces taken fVom the temple.
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is there any known tendency to mental disease or de-
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sensitiveness of the stomach. In determining the dose
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1. Albumosuria as a Sign of Primary Multiple Sarcoma of
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the eye and of the tongue, and the sterno-mastoid muscle. In the crural
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first to the sixty-fifth day three cases appeared. After that no
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zinski with rigidity of muscles of neck, exaggerated knee jerks;
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so-called working organs represented by animal heat.
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'In the strangling of a living person by a cord, it is scarcely possible that a
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INSANITY. (See also " Epilepsy.'') Ja7nes Shaw, M.D.
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especially valuable in children, as the wound cannot become
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cranky" with many other treatments in the practice of
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relative feeling of ease with which cyclists accomplish what woujld deter
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ess of tasting different specimens of strong teas. He
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The3e examinations are doubtless many times n^lected
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external wounds. All present agreed that everything pos-
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195-197. ā€” Itloreslin (H.) Exostoses osteog6uiqu( s mul-
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a lung suspicious of apical catarrh. These facts, combined with