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seems reasonable because the bacilli are present in great numbers in
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;^"' "'" ;•';"•''' "■"^"■•— ^- -'"til tlH. p..s„.,. i,.| |,v,H.,.«lvn.n.i.
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months, showed a discrete growth on the anterior commissure and left
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This s;ro,vins; out of nerve fibers from their .-ells is the essential na-
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hi art by ap|il\ iiiir elect lie sliiiiulalion to the white ci'cscentie line after
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nation on the spot of all the conditions of the hog-raising and pork-
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Fig. 6. In this, the few delicate vessels, which arise from the vasa
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21. Gayda, T. : Ztschr. allg. Physiol., 1912, XIII, 1.
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-"Mai'lfo.l. .1. .1. 1;. tiii'l I'.iiri-i', l>". (i.: Zrlitrall.! I'. I'liy-i..l.. I'.'l::. xxm. 1-1 1.
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the C's. But all of these 11 children had this in common, that they
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Removal of the Pancreas. — ^The removal and perfusion of the pan-
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tained diseased sheep shall be cleaned and disinfected in the following manner :
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tion at the sac The patient's general condition became alarming. He
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fatty cardiac fibers, especially in the papillary muscles. This normal
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until it became able to cause the death of the last animal of the series
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with the county medical societies, they are conduct-
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coeflBcient in the faeces to normal values, following splenectomy in per-
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more pronounced grouping or heaping up in the manner of growth,
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Soc. Exper. Biol. & Med. 59; 248-251 (June) 1945.
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the characteristic tumor cells. These invade the connective tissue of the
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Before systematic keeping and feeding of hogs had come into
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offal, or coloring matter. They attend to closing and sealing the top,
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X. Ectopia Cordis, with a Report of a Case in a Fifteen-Month-
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(0 Carcasses or parts of carcasses Inflated with air blown from the mouth shall not
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of which partial precipitins of various strengths are produced for the
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or 2-inch plank, shall be fastened to the outside of the stanchion and run up to under-
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Is satisfied that certificates covering the same, as prescribed by the act of June 30, 1906,
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dealt wrongly in the matter of fees with veterans, which
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been transferred to sheep and goats, but cattle appear to be insus-
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The Wassermann test on the blood and spinal fluid was negative. The
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mu8. Read before Physikalische gesellschaft zu Wiirzburg, Nov. 27,
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somewhat medially placed tricuspid valve, and a conus arteriosus of
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Extensive Denuded Areas about the Pelvic Floor. By Howard A.
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