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tudema of the larynx. Perhaps it may be possible, in
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9. A Sarcoma of the Brain. Exhibited by Mr J. M. COTTERILL 54
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putridity ; the vena cava still contained a moderate amount of blood ;
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No rational formula was deducible from the analyses, but the expression
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ber indicating the number of feet at which the hight of
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Hospital, when he was suffering an attack of acute rheumatism.
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lobe solidified by inflammatory exudation increases in weight from one to
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system. The kidneys were greatly hypertrophied, weighing, one, eight
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ness of his igporance, or the culpability of his selfishness,
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irregular. Pain in back, hips, limbs, head and neck,
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suttered from pretty severe pain, described as colicky and re-
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Treatment of the Wound after Abdominal Section, 222
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well of naphthalin, which he administered in every case in
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eight hours, depending on the hardness, until the embryonic
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We have devoted the utmost care to a perusal of this work,
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prescribed in wounds, and more particularly, in proportion to the extent of the
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of 48, in whom glycosuria was first detected about 18 years ago.
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und der Zwang zum Zengniss iind sacliverstiiudigen Gut-
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between the frauds of the wilful and those of the will-less ;
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I have done, from cause, through torturing pain to the unavoid-
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adopt the theory that many of the so-called reflexes are the
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immigrants in Johannesburg, dying between July 1, lUOT, and June 30,
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as if he were guided by the thought, "I wish to be a
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rH Sq rHCO CO CO CO rH ^H CO rH ©1 tH (N rH <^l rH 5<l rH (N rH rH rH CO t*1
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I enumerated two cases of cancer of the breast, removed by amputation ;
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vanced periods of life; all classes of society may suffer from
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burner, rays parallelized by a bull's-eye condenser. The camera
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He has also subjected various substances to the action
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Much depressed in spirits; thought himself well off
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