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In valvular disease (particularly aortic), owing probably to coronary arterio-
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This latter condition was originally noted in horses,
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glycerin acts more intensely in the same space of time than tiie
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in the present instance. A subject so extensive as is embraced
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ical pktients is due, in part, to a diminution of the breathing smfruse of
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In this last sentence lies the whole kernel of truth ; when
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afternoon of the 16th his pulse became frequent, face flushed and respiration
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has he been bothered by repeated colds, nor a stuffed-up
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of their real position, which you may verify at the next post-mortem you
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3. Marshmallow ointment 4 oz., extract of lead 3 dr., elder
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I of the Physician’ s Recognition Award of the American Medical Association.
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to sixty grains, and in frictions over the abdomen with common mercurial oint-
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mosis. A white gelatinous effusion, one hne tliick, beneath the
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is improper or imperfect development, we should by proper influ-
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of his science, ambitiously sought to discover that great primitive fact or
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known to be exempt from the terrors of the disease. But
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half to two f. 3. A tonic used in diseases peculiar to females,
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verted ; besides the headache, are neuralgic pains, esi^eeially in the
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apoplexy of the heart (asphyxia), caused by the impossibility of main-
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with that of the common ventricle, and becomes like that, by the growth
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the pain which would otherwise prevent the electrization of the highly
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case was one of general depression, the negative pole
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