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sion. His speech was ataxic; the difficulty of speech was apparently of central
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extreme, and we were at a loss to account for it. Sunday morning
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Wien. med. Wchnschr., 1892, xlii, 1290; 1.323. — Tollnm
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to the causes of fever which resulted in the discrimination of
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E. Ries : Die pathologische Anatomic der Psoriasis. Vierteljahresschrift fiir
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his eye was well. He was reading, when suddenly a severe smarting pain was
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It has seemed to us possible that an antiserum produced by the
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inquest, and a few go so far as to get the jury to consent to a
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or knew nothing about medicine and its necessities, or were
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difficult to convince the patient, under these circumstances, of
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No practitioners outside of our fraternity, with a very few excep-
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age of three years when it is evident that the bony
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the protein moiety in hsemoglobin. The pigments are derived from the
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case was used, I was completely cured. I gave the balance
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Medical Societies of the State had better look after their
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that " all substances are more or less poisonous ! " A mis-
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rectum. Practically the physician must rely on the consti-
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facts in opposition to Chaucer's lines, — think of birds
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Latin. His arrogance in assuming that no medical writings previous
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temperature of 66°'3 F. The pleasantest month is June, and
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insomnia of psychical excitement, of hysteria, of neurasthenia and over-
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of malignant cases, the disease is necessarily fatal. The blood changes
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of the body than the other. Eight days later he died suddenly.
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placed on our table. They report the several Institutions to be in a
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in his youth to Dr Jamieson, of Fraserburgh, of the same name.
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Bions of both sexes which are due to drink. The following facts, recognized by
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nine in large doses. Experience has taught us that the spleen
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