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toms ; her spine is free from all irritation; the os feels quite
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tubo-ovarian apparatus and the round ligament. By lifting
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left alone. In case 67, both legs, but only the left arm, were
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allowed to make a few remarks on his case, and to show that
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T^Preface of Dioscorides' Materia. Medica: Introduction, Translation, and Commentary
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eUNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world.
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The hepatic dulness extends three inches downwards on the right side, commencing
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So far as the effect of the example of punishment upon the
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or less meningeal inflammation as indicated by pleoc3rtosis, increased
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physical signs. I showed him at another place a year ago,
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I suggested that the man be put under the influence of chloroform
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of rue, apiol, and savin were detected. One of the most popular of these
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University Chair. — The Wurtrmberg Chamber has v«ted
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of streptococci were protected against that strain. Since this time
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the mesenteric glands, and in the fibrous coat of the larger
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One cell is enlarged, projecting, the other very flat, cut transversely, and showing
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seating doses of the tartrit of antimony, and purgatives.
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is uniformly dignified in tone, and may be read by the profes-
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January 30th. R. Vin. alb., 5 i., every four hours. Continue
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and certain ; diseased states and pathological conditions, for-
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schools of this county, the results attained during the past
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ger] <Jahresb' ii. d. Leistung. a. d. Geb. d. Vet.-Med., Berl. (1903), v. 23, p.