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mitted to hospital on third day of illness. Fever ran mild course with few
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However this may be, there can be little doubt, as it appears to the
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Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Pennsylvania.
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on the 17th of September of the current year. Meanwhile they m
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secondary symptoms, as well as that between the various ootbnsb
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Co. Dublin, at 2.07 inches on 15 days, compared with 5.03 inches
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delusions. His pupils are abnormally contracted, and there is
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give the surface of the cornea a rough and uneven appearance ;
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3/131), and hips that developed avascular necrosis (0.5%,
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its specific function, so likewise has the defenses of the body. As the
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American Edition of Nothnagel's Practice — Diseases of the Kidney,
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-Mayo, W. J.: The Surgery of the Pancreas, Ann. Surg., 1913, Iviii, 145-150 .
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BuRNE. — " Of Inflammation, Chronic Disease and Perforative
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Case CXX.* — Aneurism of Ascending Arch of Aorta — Chronic Pericar-
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hours tranquilly ; is to-day quite free from muttering and raving, which
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that they shall require the marriage contract to be drawn up in
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for comparison, while among the latter he was compelled
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pathologic accumulations of this iodin-staining substance the destruction of the
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inals and debtors were secure from arrest j^ and from
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i rears of age, very much addicted to the intemperate use of spirituous
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from the receipt of the puncture, the fifth of papula-
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would be advisable for the Government to introduce on the
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were divided external to thesacj and reduction without opening, the
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where, on differing carefully through the tunica vaginalis of the
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and 12 feet lower than a latrine dug into the downward sloping bank
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a knee which required two minutes exposure, required with
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laryngoscope that the vocal cords, although capable of closing the glottis,
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vaulted arch of the palate, which lessens the capacity of the cranium,
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splinters of iron were in the foot, the patient had but little sleep. Twice she
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of the menses. In this respect the Koran appears to conflict with the laws of
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the cream was made, so that there was no difference in
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surgical work of every description, has been neglected in the asylums