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came so skilled in making inoculations that it was possi-
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some emphysematous affection. Schaudinn next observed what took
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ziasis, and its practical application to Clinical Medicine,"' Journ. Roy. Army Med.
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believed that H. minima might be a stage of Trypanosoma rotatorum, and in
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menter of the age, we have a right to expect its speedy verifi-
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Health to establish hospitals outside the city limits, being led
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sick and the dying, you will have abundant opportunities of rightly
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it seems to me, is the true nature of the origin of most
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I have also been informed that this great work, extending over the whole period
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the child had suffered from malaria, so that on the ap-
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The opinion which has been adopted by a large number of physiologists, that
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heart-shaped spine ; in S. japonicum they are ovoid
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extended under litholapaxy. The hardness of the stone also does not
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this interval rather than the exact moments of the beats themselves. For, from
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he was stooping to examine the skin, and who had Erysipelas bad-
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taneous injections of artificial cholera fat antigen and were kept in infected
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Remedy. — Eemove shoe, pare to relieve pressure and
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" Table Talk " appeared in the London Medical Gazette, vol. xvi. p. 320.
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kidneys. Moreover, he felt better soon after starting it, than at any pre-
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morl)id and morbific products, which may be absorb-
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" has been used, in many instances, in a very unjust
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to i)e present in the extracts they do not come into question as
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reflex contractions of the gallbladder and the ducts in
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ally when we remember how many unsolved problems there are in
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Thlgenol.— Saalfeld* believes sulfur to be the most valu-
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which have been employed in the study of immunity in bacterial diseases.
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Owing to the numerous and accurate observations which have been
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them only can a correct prognosis be formed. The vomiting,