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equally ethcacious as amulets or as internal remedies.
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sage and Exercise. By John K. Mitchell, M. D., Fellow of the College
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contain a light fluid. The solid nodules The goitres in an abnormal situation
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in typhoid fever to assume the severe type, with intense pain and porraceous
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it occurs in babies fed on prepared foods, but at present it is
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very rare for the carbon dioxid produced by respiration to contaminate
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gentle anodynes, and the mildest form of stimulants, such as a few
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followed by ventral suspension. Convalescence uneventful;
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the uterus set up, accompanied by considerable pain, and an
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30 grains morning and evening for some days, followed by
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that no other organ of the body can do its work. Recent work in histology 1
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England, and Creighton notes that the chronicle of Melrose for
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mented, and strj'chnia greatly enhances this reflex excitabiHty.
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in fact, in common language, they are said "to sweat"; and,
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response of patients with acute bronchial asthma to intensive emergency department
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undilatable cervix or other obstacle to the usual obstetric procedure; or (2>
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forceps. This was soon abandoned, as it was found impo.ssible.
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being then thirty-seven years of age. She enjoyed uniformly good health
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The occurrence of tube-casts in the urine, without,
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wendigkeit einer besseru Fussptlege und Fussbekleidnng.
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benzol treatment was begun in capsule with olive oil. In the first
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friends Drs. H. Donkin and Gkeemtield for the kind and valuable
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ease ends fatally by the slowly progressive exhaustion which it induces ;
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lobe was occupied by a large tumovu", about three inches in diameter,
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dividing the ureter, pus escaped in considerable quantity from the pelvis of the
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that there is very little danger of infection, then we turn loose upon the
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violaceous coloring of the cervical portion of the uterus, thinning and com-
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measures. Lumbar puncture may prove ing conclusions :
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drum membrane is not sufficiently large to permit of the ready escape