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tion of the various theories evolved and of the cases of
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pressure, was withdrawn by lumbar puncture. The fluid contained
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form of melancholia agitata or melancholia simplex.
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men do ; we all know that the secret of making an excursion go off well is
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no wants, or if it has, gives evidence of them only in cries of discord-
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disease. The former is characterized by a pulse below 48 beats p)er minute.
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broiight together with crepitus. A posterior splint was
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four days ; but as abortion preceded death, this may have been concerned ^in
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the literature of the subject will show, however, that stom-
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Treatment. — Any effective treatment must include local applica-
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until 4 years ago when he entered the hospital with an attack of
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lin. lie had now employed it for two months at the New York
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jelly, when, if there have been an undue amount of urates in the senm,
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Patlwlogy. — The seat of these neuroses is doubtful, and there are two
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tea, etc. The patient should be kept on liquid diet until
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on Chemistry ; Dr. Willard Parker, on Anatomy and Physiology ; Dr.
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pressure. This center acts in response to lowered per-
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disorder be renamed as cryptogenic intramural fibrosis
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lOCO -rHCX) '"^COi-H^r-l • O O -^ CO • 00 tJI rH CO OS • t* — | CO i— C« ■«
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Pam.To-svarz. Lek. Warszaw., 1884, Ixxx,95-131.— le Nobel
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harm in what might have been remedied by proper treat-
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in his case in which he had resected 3 cm. of the rectum,
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structure, whether it be defensive or aggressive, is a matter of
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deceive himself about the effect of what he calls, and loves to think, are his reme-
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sound is passed across strictures of this description, one is struck
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in which it never exceeded 80 until after the conmiencement of conva-
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osmotic pressure for the critical study of the urine of each kidney; but, owing to the