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that the pelvis of the kidney would easily contain 80 c.c. of collargol.
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out by gentle pressure. It is well to wipe off the first drop and use
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brougham was soon succeeded by a carriage-and-pair ; but his fees,
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folHculitis of the tonsils, not infrequently accompanied
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yet her offspring, at birth or shortly afterwards, may be found
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removed to the hospital and the house disinfected and cleansed, and no
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sion and was frequently heard in discussions at medical meet-
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The President put the motion, and, on a vote having been taken, declared it carried.
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of its circulation are allowed to stagnate. Under tbe
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orders of successive creation upon the whole surface,
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mulgation ; all former regulations on this subject becoming
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seeks merely to embrace the union of a western medical brotherhood,
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the bowels will be reftored. Several cafes of this defcription
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York, has furnished many of these cultures, and the authors wish to express
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sure of the dura in the operation of laminectomy is a more tedious
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body must be capable of making rapid compensatory changes which
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tack of vertigo, incoherence, or rambling ; sometimes a rigor. The disease
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of the dilator (paralytic) or constrictor type. A scratch with the finger
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I therefore recommend the Albright truss to the exclusion
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compared with the small quantity of combustible matter consumed ; but by
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(2) The apparent increase of the prevalence with the hot weather
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Tunxis Hill Cutoff, Fairfield, CT 06432 and/or call (203) 384- :
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ted his paternal roof, and rambled about the country of Alsatia, at-
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Organs wlxich give evidence of a granular degeneration contain, as a
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regards the location in the nervous system, and in no sense concerned in the
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ill or injured ; and though they may have been in the
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cubic centimetres of water, four-fifths could be de-
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least as a general axiom, if we wish to rest this science on a